How it works as an agency

We attract and qualify business opportunities for your agency

Are you looking for an agency? See how it works for marketers!

Step 1Define your agency's DNA

Create an agency profile, add your previous works and get reviewed by your clients. Define the kind of opportunities you would like in your Preferences page. You will receive opportunities that fit with these data.

No need to ask for client's email. You can share your portfolio link directly to clients over whatsapp

Step 2You receive business opportunities

Thousands of companies come to every month looking to hire marketing agencies. They answer specific questions about their needs. filters the most serious requests using a set of advanced methods. The agencies that correspond the most to the requirements of the clients are selected and receive the opportunities.

Step 3You decide who to answer to

If the opportunity is not relevant, you can decline it and adapt your agency profile for future opportunities. If you are interested and available, you can answer to the client by sending him a message. You only pay if you win the project and work for the client (Read more about the Commission system)

Step 4You follow up your business opportunities

After accepting an opportunity, you can directly interact with the client through messenger. You also receive the contact information and can get in touch through traditional channels. You'll always keep the list of the clients you matched with and you can use it later for future business opportunities.

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The first positive experience we had with was with Softscale. I accepted the project and wrote up a short text to convince them. Apparently it convinced them since Softscale's CEO directly phoned me, we joked around on the phone and then we met up.
RaghavDirector of TTMP