Best Ad Campaigns during lockdown

9 Best Emotional Ad campaigns during Lockdown around the world

Nobody imagined that a situation like this will arrive due to Corona Pandemic and the whole world will be lockdown. It’s difficult for everybody as everything came to a standstill. However, even in these tough times, we have seen some of the best Ad campaigns during lockdown by marketers around the world.

Here are the 9 best emotional ad campaigns during lockdown around the world

1.Courage is Beautiful- Dove USA

To all the front-line heroes, and to those who support them – Dove thanks them for their courage and care

Agency- Ogilvy ,Canada

2.For The Human Race -Coca Cola South East Asia

The campaign salutes the spirit of humanity and generosity of local heroes amidst the current crisis and offers a tribute to universal hope, positivity, and togetherness. It highlights the stories of unsung local heroes around the world who are going beyond for their communities amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Agency: Merdeka LHS – Dentsu Group Malaysia.

3. #Joygivers -Lays USA

Agency : David&Goliath

4.Thank You For Not Riding – Uber

Through this campaign, Uber urges its millions of riders to stay home while it pledges to support healthcare workers, feed first responders, help local communities, and more When you stay home, we can all move what matters.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy ,Portland

5.Unhappy Birthday – Burger King France

Birthdays in Lockdown are the toughest moments for parents of children who wait the entire year to celebrate their birthday with friends, family, and loved ones. The campaign supports parents by offering to throw 500 parties to kids who celebrated their birthday during quarantine, once the lockdown is over.

Agency: DAVID The Agency

6.Dear Neighbor- Bose Dubai

Who would’ve thought we’d get to know our neighbors better than ever by staying home? #StayNoisy. It is one of the emotional ad campaigns during the lockdown.

Agency: Wunderman Thompson ,Dubai

7.Don’t travel now, so you can travel later :Nelson Mandela Foundation , South Africa


7. Never Too Far Down – Nike

There’s a reason we love comeback stories. Watching LeBron James, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods, we see ourselves in them – our resolve, our grit, our hope. Now, more than ever, we need these stories to remind us what we’re capable of.

Agency:Wieden + Kennedy

8.We Will -Skyscanner

We will get through this. We will get out there again.

where will you go when this is all over? This is one of the best emotional ad campaigns during the lockdown

9. Do you Remember: Emirates

As the world’s largest international airline, we will one day reconnect the world and fly you better than ever before


In Conclusion

As marketers struggle to navigate the impact of the global spread of the coronavirus, making sure a brand’s content hits the right emotional tone and message during these uncertain times has never been more important.

Using a global pandemic as the basis of any marketing campaign is dangerous territory, with consumers more likely to criticise brands who are seemingly capitalising on the opportunity.

By creating such high impact campaigns, these brands have ensured that they aligns with the brand’s fundamental values with an authentic messaging and tone that connects well with their consumers.

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